The best ayurvedic diet for strength and immunity

Yoga for Strength and Immunity is a traditional Ayurveda/Hindi term for physical exercise. Meaning, it is the exercise that builds a strong body, helps to strengthen the immune system, and increases one’s stamina.

Ayurveda/Hindi is an ancient science that governs health care and medicine. It deals with the totality of bodily functions, including the mind-body-spirit connection. It has been used in India since ancient times to treat various illnesses and diseases of human body such as poor liver, kidney, stomach and digestive tract; nervous disorders; throat problems; skin ailments such as acne; fever; abdominal pain; coughs due to cold and coughs associated with diabetes mellitus.

strength and immunity

Ayurveda recognizes four major components of wellness: Sattva (life force), Rajas (energy), Tamas (tendency), and Prakriti (physical manifestation). The first two are known as Purushartha (the backbone) while the latter two are known as Dharmadhatu (the build-up or flesh).

The Sanskrit word for life force is Apana which relates to prana which is vital energy in a living organism.

The physical aspect of Yoga can be described as mobilization of prana through poses like Taijiquan , Tadasana , Viparita Karani , Bhujangasana , Kapalasana , Salabhasana . The mental aspect of Yoga can be described as concentration on an object such as breath or mantra . By doing so, we come closer to our higher self which is seen in yogic literature as Atman or soul .