What is Yoga?

People in the west think that “Yoga” is a description of impossible physical poses. This is a false understanding of Yoga. Yoga isn’t about holding your breath or bending your body. It’s a technique and a tool that will help you experience reality exactly as it is.

The term “Yoga” literally translates to “union”.

Your idea, sense and experience of yourself are strong as you sit here. As an individual, you are here. You are here as an individual. But the trees exhale what they see right now. The trees inhale what you exhale. This means that one-half of your lung is still in use. This applies to more than just breath. Modern physics has shown that every subatomic particle within your body is constantly in transaction with all other parts of the existence. This transaction will stop, and you will cease being alive. Yoga is the ability to experience the union of existence and yoga.
Modern science has shown that all of existence is one energy. Since ancient times, religions all over the globe have believed that God is everywhere. We are all talking about the same reality, regardless of whether you say “God is everywhere” or “All things are one energy.” This is because a scientist has never experienced it; he has made mathematical deductions to it. A religious person has not, but he believes it because he read it somewhere or heard it said by someone.
You are a Yogi if you refuse to accept deductions or beliefs systems. Yoga is when you feel the oneness of all existence as if you were able to touch the five fingers on your hands.

Yoga is a way to break the cycle of life

All aspects of physicality within the universe are cyclical. The sun is always moving and planets go around it. Your life will be more cyclical if you are more closely connected to your physical system. The cycle of your life and experiences is cyclical. You will see that even the most difficult situations in your life are cyclical if you pay attention.
You may feel like you’re going somewhere if you keep going in circles. But you are actually going back the same way. Yoga is a way to stretch the circle out in a straight line. This will allow you to go somewhere. Many of you might have tried it and found your own way. Let’s suppose you have been practicing sadhana for several years. You will notice that many of the compulsions you had been experiencing for years, but which you didn’t know existed, become part of your daily life.
You can break the sadhana and these compulsions will come back. Nature is not going to let you go. It is important to keep working at it, and continue to do so. Otherwise you will not be happy with the circle. It is real if you don’t see the whole circle, or if you have a limited vision and only see three feet in front, it is not real. It looks like a circus if you can see the entire circle and all the directions you are traveling. You will definitely not allow it to go on forever and will be determined to change it.